Type-C Multi-function dock station

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1.This product is a USB-C multi-functionl docking with HDMI/VGA/DP USB 3.0 RJ45 JACK USB-C PD,suitable for USB-C interface of mobile phones, tablets or notebooks,HDMI/VGA/DP for video output interface.
2.Two USB interfaces can be connected to mouse, keyboard and U disk devices.RJ45 interface can be connected to wired network, 3.5mm is for audio output, the two USB-C interfaces on the side,one is for data exchange,another is for PD.
3.Nine interfaces can be used at the same time. They can be used as expansion accessories for game entertainment, business work and home movies and TV.
4.Note: The product only supports USB-C interface computers/mobile phones and tablets/laptops with DP protocol. It does not support such products as mobile phones or computers with USB3.0 protocol only under the interface of Le Video and Huawei.

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